Meaning of deink in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈɪŋk/


[with object]
  • Remove ink from (paper being recycled).

    ‘In the future newsprint will be deinked, and reused several times until the level of fiber drops to an unusable level.’
    • ‘To deink these higher grades of paper, a new generation of deinking mills has recently begun operation in the US and Canada.’
    • ‘Demand-side policy induced new newsprint deinking entries, allowed mills to acquire larger market shares of ONP, and led to greater input price distortion levels.’
    • ‘By 1990, we'd convinced the paper industry to make massive investments in deinking and recycled pulp, but then the environmental movement disappeared on that issue.’
    • ‘In the South, larger input price distortions occurred in the period 1991-1995 as the number of deinking mills owned by newsprint mills increased and their market shares of ONP input grew.’