Meaning of deinstitutionalization in English:


(British deinstitutionalisation)


See deinstitutionalize

‘The bases for institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation in mental health care remain poorly researched and understood’
  • ‘Since the 1950s mental health care in most industrialised countries has been characterised by deinstitutionalisation, with national reforms varying in their pace, fashion, and exact results.’
  • ‘Many obstacles to deinstitutionalisation still exist: psychiatrists have a very low threshold for hospital admission as they are held legally responsible for any misdoing by their patients.’
  • ‘The new policy of deinstitutionalization and provision of community care may reduce the number of psychiatric in-patients but will not solve the problem.’
  • ‘The problem is not of deinstitutionalization; it's more a problem of resources that should exist in the community.’