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‘Not only was Newton not a deist; he believed deism heretical and harmful.’
  • ‘Indeed he did, but he used it in connection with a deist theology that, however thin, gave him reason to think of humanity as having a value derived from a creator.’
  • ‘By the middle of the eighteenth century, though, these long-held beliefs were beginning to be called into question, and the European deists were the primary inquisitors.’
  • ‘Our Founding Fathers were deists who did not believe in revealed religion but rather in an impersonal god with a small g.’
  • ‘He devoted much of his time to his History of English Thought in the Eighteenth Century in which he explained the arguments of the old English deists and the skepticism of Hume.’



/ˈdeɪɪst/ /ˈdiːɪst/