Meaning of dekko in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəʊ/

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informal British in singular
  • A quick look or glance.

    • ‘come and have a dekko at this’
    • ‘For a more complete look at its features you can take a dekko here.’
    • ‘For a dekko as to what the CD contains, it has recipes for chutneys, ‘tokkus’ and ‘pachadis’, curries and masalas, starters, raithas, gravies, rice items and rotis.’
    • ‘All in all, worth a dekko… but not in a cinema hall.’
    • ‘On Monday, more than 50 beauticians thronged the Purani Haveli to get a dekko of Zardozi tattoo designing and a demo of trendy haircuts.’
    • ‘We have not checked the veracity of these claims, but you can have a dekko and decide for yourself at the exhibition, which is on till Wednesday.’
    • ‘But overall it is quite a good picture, worth a dekko or two.’
    • ‘They are descending in large numbers to have a dekko.’
    • ‘The ongoing fare at the Gallery is worth a dekko.’
    • ‘If they wants to know how to dress up seminars addressed by Government Ministers as news it should take a dekko at this.’
    • ‘They have climbed up to the first floor to take a dekko at the Hall of Mirrors, which survives in a state of suspended animation.’
    • ‘One can have a dekko of these things which are normally out of bounds.’
    • ‘However there're quite a few other places around the area which are really worth a dekko.’
    glance, observation, view, examination, study, inspection, scan, survey, sight, peep, peek, glimpse, gaze, stare, gape, ogle


Late 19th century (originally used by the British army in India): from Hindi dekho ‘look!’, imperative of dekhnā.