Meaning of delaying tactic in English:

delaying tactic


  • An action or strategy designed to defer or postpone something in order to gain an advantage for oneself.

    ‘he accused them of adopting delaying tactics’
    • ‘He complains that the board's delaying tactics are part of an unfair war of attrition designed to exhaust the parents' committee's financial resources.’
    • ‘No more procrastination, no more antics, no more delaying tactics.’
    • ‘So, what we've seen has been delaying tactics on the part of his lawyers and on the part of his codefendants, which have been very successful so far.’
    • ‘There's nothing the government may legally do to stop us, though they may try delaying tactics like regulations on the sale of property or tightening voter registration requirements.’
    • ‘They are prepared to stick this out in response to management's delaying tactics.’
    • ‘So people have resorted to more delaying tactics, more lies and more false excuses.’
    • ‘And because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves.’
    • ‘Although the Democrats don't like to admit it, in the past they have voted to end delaying tactics previously allowed under Senate rules or precedents.’
    • ‘Accusations of delaying tactics and obstructiveness have been aired publicly by most of these companies, with even the regulator coming under scrutiny.’
    • ‘Punitive actions should be taken against officials using delaying tactics.’
    • ‘The wife wasn't having any of my delaying tactics, she knows me too well.’
    • ‘Yet too often up and down the country stories emerge of delaying tactics, rent rises, and bad managers.’
    • ‘Our 11-year-old son went to bed after various delaying tactics - arguments about friends who stay up later, forgetting to brush teeth, coming down for a drink of water.’
    • ‘With that mandate, school districts across the country, particularly in the South, imposed delaying tactics that kept the schools from integrating.’
    • ‘Founded in 1884 and named after the Roman general famous for his delaying tactics, this organization propagated a reformist and gradualist brand of socialism.’
    • ‘As a result of these delaying tactics, lawmakers spent several plenary sessions doing nothing, while priority bills that the Cabinet hoped to make law failed to reach the floor.’
    • ‘I looked around for some delaying tactic, some means to forestall the inevitable.’
    • ‘A delaying tactic was urgently sought together with some means of boosting the morale of a demoralised Allied force.’
    • ‘I believe its decision to seek judicial review is little more than a delaying tactic.’
    • ‘Mr Twine sees the move by the council as a deliberate delaying tactic.’