Meaning of delectably in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈlɛktəbli/


See delectable

‘Leafy greens (including arugula, dandelion leaves and I think I even tasted sorrel) are delectably dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh oregano.’
  • ‘I started with a green salad that was fantastically fresh and the Japanese dressing was delectably tasty.’
  • ‘Barcelona is delightfully brash where Paris is delectably haughty, but Madrid?’
  • ‘Whether bloatedly grandiose or delectably deflated, he exudes roguish, anarchic life, embattled or embottled, able to charm (since there are no birds out of the trees) fish out of the seas.’
  • ‘Its star piece was a Khmer sandstone figure of Uma, from the Angkor period and in the Baphuon style of the eleventh century, her smoothly polished flesh delectably tactile.’