Meaning of delegitimate in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdiːlɪˈdʒɪtɪmeɪt/


another term for delegitimize
‘Unfortunately, the instrumentalists and machine cultists seem to be winning, further delegitimating the worthiness and utility of critical thinking.’
  • ‘Reframing problems of ethno-racial division as issues of law enforcement automatically delegitimates any attempt at collective resistance and redress.’
  • ‘The Japanese, less involved than the Europeans in the First World War, had to wait for the Second World War for the cataclysm that delegitimated their traditional lyricism.’
  • ‘If professors set aside a minute or ten to discuss the war, then does this delegitimate broader student complaints that their concerns are not being met?’
  • ‘Since war cannot be done perfectly, then either you want people to fight but to keep it to themselves like a dirty secret or you want to delegitimate all war.’
  • ‘Both are designed to delegitimate having any debate over the proper size and role of the federal government.’
  • ‘He criticizes modern American culture as denying the possibility of valid non-rational knowledge, and so delegitimating important aspects of human experience.’
  • ‘Have we sidelined the sceptic (and the traditional epistemologist) by delegitimating the idea of global justification?’
  • ‘This model delegitimates ‘ordinary knowledge’ and depreciates the capacities, talents, and interests of the nonexpert and the amateur.’
  • ‘In addition, psychology of women in general, and feminism in particular, continue to be explicitly and implicitly derogated and delegitimated within psychology.’
  • ‘In important respects, the belief has been delegitimated.’
  • ‘Conversely, subordinate groups' definitions are often ignored, delegitimated or pathologized.’
  • ‘Similarly, claims to scientific authority by technical experts associated with industry delegitimate opposition by laypeople who lack their credentials.’
  • ‘At the minimum, they wipe out rational debate about problems or conflicts, and they strive to demonize and delegitimate the target, whether ethnic group or nation-state.’
  • ‘By working past the fog of State deception to penetrate to the truth, the Revisionist works to delegitimate, to desanctify, the State in the eyes of the previously deceived public.’
  • ‘Although military occupation seems necessary to the process, it is likely - especially when it is unilateral - to delegitimate any state system that it produces.’