Meaning of delete button in English:

delete button

Pronunciation /dɪˈliːt ˌbʌtn/


(also Delete button)
  • 1 rare On the keyboard of a keypunch: a key used to delete a character or piece of data recorded on a punched card; compare delete key .

  • 2In a graphical user interface: a button which is used to delete a file or piece of data.

    Originally with reference to the deletion of parts of diagrams created using a graphics program and a light pen.

  • 3On the keyboard of a computer, smartphone, etc.: a key used to delete the character next to the cursor, a selected piece of text or string of characters, a piece of data, or (in later use also) a file.

  • 4On an electronic device (especially a digital camera) or its remote control: a button used to delete a selected file from the device's memory.


1960s. From delete + button.