Meaning of delice in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈliːs/


(also délice)
  • 1 rare A delicious or choice food; a delicacy.

  • 2Any of various rich desserts typically featuring a thick layer of mousse or light, creamy filling. Frequently with modifying word indicating the dominant flavour, as in chocolate delice, raspberry delice, etc.


Middle English (in an earlier sense). Partly (i) from Anglo-Norman and Old French, Middle French delices (feminine plural; French délices) delight, something that affords pleasure, riches, sensual pleasure from classical Latin dēliciae, plural of dēlicia (usually in plural) delight, pleasure, (in plural) toys, ornaments, decorations, culinary delicacies, physical charms, person or animal of whom one is fond, favourite place, comforts, luxuries, self-indulgence, elegant or affected manners, person of exquisite taste, gourmet from dēlicere + -ia.