Meaning of deliciousness in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈlɪʃəsnəs/


See delicious

‘The ad acknowledged the individual deliciousness of peanut butter and chocolate while arguing the merits of a union between these ‘two great tastes.’’
  • ‘Instead, religious missionaries continue to bring boring, sexless dogma to the rest of the world, while soda pop executives continue to bring crisp, refreshing deliciousness.’
  • ‘This could be a story about madness, or about the illusions we adopt to make life livable, or simply about the deliciousness of doughnuts (which of course have a void in the middle).’
  • ‘And when peeled and boiled with rice, the chestnuts led me to experience first-tongue the deliciousness of kurigohan (chestnut rice).’
  • ‘‘Thank you,’ she mutters between mouthfuls of crunchy deliciousness.’