Meaning of delineator in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈlɪnɪeɪtə/


See delineate

‘The chief delineator, though, is the number of coffee purchases required before getting the freebie.’
  • ‘The addition of these features would make the books more useful to wetland delineators.’
  • ‘Worth bearing in mind also that without a more strict delineator than ‘mainstream’, it's very difficult to talk accurately about the conception of divinity in the ‘Christian church’.’
  • ‘I remember Woods being a highly influential architect and delineator when I was in college, though his drawings and projects were so unique that replication was near impossible.’
  • ‘In 1893, when Dixon was eighteen, Overland Monthly published his first illustrations, and he quickly achieved fame as a leading delineator of western life.’
  • ‘Overall, the environment promotes continued interservice rivalry, but the delineator between productive competition and unhealthy contention is ethics.’
  • ‘As those perceptions are communicated, language choices made by the orator become both the enunciator and delineator of a ‘truth.’’