Meaning of deliquesce in English:



[no object]
  • 1(of organic matter) become liquid, typically during decomposition.

    ‘Leave somewhere warm for several days to allow the mushrooms to deliquesce.’
    liquefy, thaw, unfreeze, defrost, soften, run, flux, fuse, render, clarify, dissolve, deliquesce
    1. 1.1Chemistry (of a solid) become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air.
      ‘In situ aerosol pH is the pH value of deliquesced aerosols in the atmosphere.’
      ‘It is necessary, however, to be packed in a container, since the salt is deliquesced with absorption of moisture in air.’
      go into solution, become a solution, break down


Mid 18th century from Latin deliquescere ‘dissolve’, from de- ‘down’ + liquescere ‘become liquid’ (from liquere ‘be liquid’).