Meaning of deliquesce in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɛlɪˈkwɛs/

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  • 1(of organic matter) become liquid, typically during decomposition.

    • ‘Leave somewhere warm for several days to allow the mushrooms to deliquesce.’
    liquefy, thaw, unfreeze, defrost, soften, run, flux, fuse, render, clarify, dissolve, deliquesce
    1. 1.1Chemistry (of a solid) become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air.
      ‘In situ aerosol pH is the pH value of deliquesced aerosols in the atmosphere.’
      • ‘It is necessary, however, to be packed in a container, since the salt is deliquesced with absorption of moisture in air.’
      go into solution, become a solution, break down


Mid 18th century from Latin deliquescere ‘dissolve’, from de- ‘down’ + liquescere ‘become liquid’ (from liquere ‘be liquid’).