Meaning of deliquescent in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɛlɪˈkwɛsnt/

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  • 1Becoming liquid, or having a tendency to become liquid.

    ‘Remember that there may technically be stronger drinks in the desert, but since ethanol is deliquescent, any such drinks would absorb water from the air to remain at most 96% by volume alcohol.’
    • ‘Like bookends to the main event, he added orderly and totemic panels of more intimate scale, frosted over by a deliquescent rust applied like wash to gatherings of yet more lost things.’
    • ‘That said, his third solo exhibition at Kasmin featured 10 roiling, deliquescent abstractions that refer less to nature than to the mediated status of its representation.’
    • ‘We marvel at the exquisite tracery of a leaf, the play of light against the bark of a tree, the reflections and ripples in a puddle of water, the deliquescent radiance of a human eye.’
    • ‘Like a funeral, an epilogue mitigates an annihilating ending with deliquescent anticlimax.’
    • ‘We have the technology so let's use it to ‘ring up’ our fridge and spot the deliquescent cucumber tucked away behind that banana yoghurt no one likes.’
    • ‘This was no deliquescent cucumber or a yoghurt dangerously beyond its sell-by date.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry (of a solid) tending to absorb moisture from the air and dissolve in it.
      ‘Potassium carbonate is deliquescent, which means that it will absorb water from the air.’
      • ‘The aqueous-phase chemistry of deliquescent sea-salt aerosols in the remote marine boundary layer is investigated with a steady state box model.’
      • ‘The number of particles is independent of the deliquescent state at which they are measured.’


Late 18th century from Latin deliquescent- ‘dissolving’, from the verb deliquescere (see deliquesce).