Meaning of deliver the goods in English:

deliver the goods


  • Provide that which is promised or expected.

    • ‘the command economy can't deliver the goods’
    • ‘The ministers and MPs are aware that people's expectations are very high as they are expected to deliver the goods.’
    • ‘It's much more difficult to deliver the goods when everyone expects it of you.’
    • ‘Open economies and open societies are good provided they deliver the goods for ordinary working families.’
    • ‘It has now reverted to a more traditional process and this is expected to deliver the goods by the first half of next year.’
    • ‘It's a darker, more complex film that seriously promises to deliver the goods, but comes up a bit short.’
    • ‘The problem is the gap between the promises of basic discovery and the clinical trials that deliver the goods.’
    • ‘Although rather sparse by Hong Kong standards, when the hand-to-hand kicks in, it delivers the goods.’
    • ‘I did this for a while and it more than delivers the goods.’
    • ‘At 336.5p, the shares could go higher if the company delivers the goods.’
    • ‘A very darkly entertaining fairy tale that was a little bit deeper, but still delivers the goods.’
    fulfil, live up to, carry out, carry through, implement, make good