Significado de delusively en en inglés


Pronunciación /dɪˈluːsɪvli/


See delusive

‘Rebecca was delusively believing that herself.’
  • ‘The new constitution, instead of being the panacea for every grievance so delusively represented by its advocates will be found upon examination to be like Pandora's box.’
  • ‘In this way, the homoeopathic remedy replaces the natural disease with a temporary remedial potence that delusively mimics the original malady.’
  • ‘He dies, some say, with a redemptive, even hopeful vision emerging provisionally, perhaps delusively from the suffering of the tragedy.’
  • ‘But the ways of a globalized ecology, rigged as it is upon a patchwork of political boundaries, works often delusively, rarely inscribing itself in a single language.’