Main meanings of dem in English

: dem1Dem2


Pronunciation /dɛm/

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informal, dialect third person plural
  • non-standard spelling of them (pronoun), used to represent speech

    • ‘someone's got to stop dem’


informal, dialect
  • Those.

    • ‘I was getting paid in dem big beautiful Yankee dollars’

Main meanings of Dem in English

: dem1Dem2


Pronunciation /dɛm/

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informal US
  • (in the US) a Democrat.

    • ‘Dems are expected to have an easier time winning back the House than the Senate’
    • ‘It was Clinton and the Dems that balanced the budget with the 1993 tax increase.’
    • ‘A committee of the NJ Assembly, which the Dems control, is investigating the scandal.’
    • ‘I think it will rally the Dems and moderate independents to see this.’
    • ‘Instead of “rebranding” like the GOP, the Dems need to focus on what their party historically has stood for.’
    • ‘Despite a full court press from Dems, not a single Republican signed the petition to bring the bill to the floor.’
    • ‘The Dems are worried about losing the Senate.’
    • ‘The worst thing the Dems can do is nominate a candidate who epitomizes the establishment.’
    • ‘Since the Dems had 60 votes, the GOP would require Democratic support to make a filibuster a real threat.’
    • ‘52% of polled Dems have no opinion about him at all.’
    • ‘If Dems lose those four votes, that would bring them down to 50.’


informal US attributive
  • (in the US) relating to the Democratic Party.

    • ‘the Dem legislation would freeze loan interest rates’
    • ‘I was a solid Dem voter’
    • ‘Dem senators want debate focused on climate change.’
    • ‘He stepped into a Dem civil war being fought between the Dem establishment and a lefty insurgency.’
    • ‘House approves new Dem rules package.’
    • ‘2020 Dem contenders travel to key primary states.’
    • ‘Green Party puts Dem seat at risk in Montana.’
    • ‘White House rejects Dem request for documents.’
    • ‘Dem chair throws cold water on Space Force budget.’
    • ‘Dem committees win new powers to investigate president.’
    • ‘Is anyone surprised that one of the 2020 Dem candidates is slamming the president for this?’
    • ‘Raising taxes on the wealthy is ‘extremely popular’, says Dem pollster.’


(also Dem.)
  • Democratic.

    ‘Someone should mail this article to Rep. John Conyers (Dem. - Michigan).’
    • ‘We had 3 ballots, Dem., Repub., and nonpartisan.’
    • ‘Do none of the nine declared Dem. candidates appeal to you?’
    • ‘United States Senator Daniel Brewster (Dem. Maryland) ureged an investigation into the league's expansion actions.’
    • ‘He takes exception to the suggestion that his task force, which Dem. Senators Joe Lieberman and Bill Nelson support, would impede reform.’
    • ‘LBJ's civil rights legislation passed because of Repubs, not Dems. The vast majority of the opposition was Dem.’
    • ‘Who could forget the 2008 Iowa Dem. Caucus?’
    • ‘They are running constant ads against him, the presumptive Dem. nominee for Gov.’
    • ‘She was complicit in fostering an atmosphere of chaos and division in the Dem. party.’
    • ‘Didn't your senator actively campaign against the Dem. Party's candidate?’


Early 19th century abbreviation.