Meaning of demagnetize in English:


(British demagnetise)

Pronunciation /diːˈmaɡnɪtʌɪz/

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[with object]
  • Remove magnetic properties from.

    ‘demagnetize the tape heads’
    • ‘For example, once upon a time everyone knew that the tomato was deadly poison, and that one could demagnetize a permanent magnet by rubbing garlic on it.’
    • ‘I told them to use demagnetized metal tools and proper shielding.’
    • ‘The specimens were processed using a JR5A spinner magnetometer and demagnetized using a Molspin tumbler demagnetizer.’
    • ‘During the thermal demagnetization procedure each sample was demagnetized with a minimum of ten steps based on a scheme designed after a detailed pilot demagnetization study.’
    • ‘The immense seismic vibrations from an impact can create temperatures high enough to melt or demagnetize some rocks in and near the crater.’
    • ‘It demagnetizes the strips on all of your credit cards.’
    • ‘Mostly, when several components are present at a single site, the oldest ones are demagnetized first.’
    • ‘Thermal demagnetization was much more effective and most of the specimens were demagnetized using this technique.’
    • ‘You can't drown it, however, and you can't demagnetize it.’
    • ‘West pressed the black button, which reeled in the wire without demagnetising the hook, and he was lifted off his feet and up the air-vent.’
    • ‘And he's using that method to demagnetise ships to protect them from mines.’
    • ‘This week, a fellow who used the same system as you have around the house to demagnetise ships.’
    • ‘If the bit becomes too small, the magnetic energy holding the bit in place may also become so small that thermal energy can cause it to demagnetize.’
    • ‘Your recent commentary about the man ‘demagnetizing’ computers reminded me of a similar query one of our customers had.’
    • ‘Idle disks may start to lose data and start to demagnetize after a year or two, unless they are spun-up every 30 days.’
    • ‘Part of the reason I want one of these things is that my current flimsy ticket keeps getting demagnetised when it goes anywhere near my phone.’
    • ‘As stated, the difference between magnetized and demagnetized material was that electrons in a magnetized object are aligned to go in a single rather than a seemingly randomized direction.’
    • ‘The Navy degaussed ships in port, but this was a time consuming method of demagnetizing that was impractical during wartime.’