Meaning of demand draft in English:

demand draft


(also demand note)
mainly Indian
  • A financial draft payable on demand.

    ‘As a result, the bank's customers in all its ‘computerised’ branches wait for hours in a row every morning to encash their cheques, or get a demand draft or even to remit cash.’
    • ‘They need to also send in a non-refundable demand draft for Rs. 500 along with their application.’
    • ‘As an initial contribution, a demand draft for Rs.45,000 was handed over to the Collector last week.’
    • ‘They will accept cash, cheques and demand drafts for property tax payment.’
    • ‘When he regained consciousness at the hospital, he found that he had been deprived of two demand drafts worth Rs 15,000 each and Rs 500 in cash on his person.’