Meaning of demarcator in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdiː-/


See demarcation

‘The heads of council in all the 31 local government areas in the state, he said, have been informed of the arrival of the demarcators and are prepared to accommodate them.’
  • ‘Silence is essential here as a demarcator of phrases, allowing each one to hang in the air, etching its self-contained contour in time.’
  • ‘Finally, of course, there is a whole lot that occurs in between these great demarcators of our lives - love and death, that is - and I hope I have given some of it dramatic form here.’
  • ‘Language variation plays a central role in establishing and maintaining group identity - it is one of the clearest demarcators of distinct cultures.’
  • ‘My father, a land demarcator with the British Colonial Government, spent many years learning English on his own until he gained an impressive command of the language.’
  • ‘Is language or symbolic representation the crucial demarcator of the human, and what have humans sacrificed in order to acquire these virtuoso accomplishments?’