Meaning of demassify in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈmasɪfʌɪ/

verbdemassifies, demassifying, demassified

[with object]
  • Divide or break up (a social or political unit) into its component parts.

    ‘computerized forces of production demassify organizations’
    • ‘At the same time, conventional war is generally regarded as oriented toward smaller, more professional, and high-tech forces fighting in ‘demassified’ conflicts.’
    • ‘It is somewhat contradictory to expect demassified media to have anything to do with the mainstream opinion.’
    • ‘This statement espouses the mass society concept, whereas we now live in the demassified society.’
    • ‘Health care in the 1990s is being demassified along with other industrial age enterprises.’
    • ‘High-tech futurists will think the economy is demassifying into something much better.’
    • ‘With the new technology, companies can demassify and offer a wider variety of products, as well as operate on a global scale.’
    • ‘If we truly wish to live free of government and corporate intrusion, we first must recognize the need to demassify the way we live our lives.’
    • ‘In the same way, I believe that racial and ethnic identifications are also demassifying in parallel to what is happening in the economy and the media today.’
    • ‘The information age however is both demassifying everything and connecting everything together in more complex ways, all at the same time.’
    • ‘And computer communication is demassified in that individuals in a large audience can receive communications tailored especially for them.’
    • ‘Once this occurs, the medium has been demassified and demystified.’
    • ‘Like the economic sectors it serves, it is demassified - composed of individuals who prize their differences.’
    • ‘And what's happening is that society is becoming more demassified, more heterogeneous, and it is therefore harder and harder to arrive at a majority on an issue.’
    • ‘The context for lending is demassifying and the economics favors microloans.’
    • ‘It demassifies production, media and other aspects of society, introducing instead industrial customization, just-in-time inventories and proliferating channels of cable television.’
    • ‘I believe they are valid analyses, but they don't deal with the hierarchy-dissolving, demassifying effects of computer-mediated communication networks.’
    • ‘In a demassifying America, it is a mistake to derive sweeping conclusions about our civic health from the fate of an unrepresentative sample of mass organizations.’