Meaning of dematerialization in English:


Pronunciation /diːmətɪərɪəlʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/

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(also British dematerialisation)

See dematerialize

‘As a historian, how do you feel about the so-called disappearance, dematerialization, or deobjectification of the artwork?’
  • ‘The disappearing logo might just be the canary in the coal mine signifying the dematerialization of music.’
  • ‘It's not that the need for food, water and shelter disappears with dematerialization; on the contrary, dematerialization is predicated on a certain level of material well-being.’
  • ‘It seems as if the creative class is linked to the dematerialization of the economy, to the rise of design and brand experience and critical business issues.’
  • ‘Taylor connects the postmodern obsession with the body as a form of reaction and resistance to the felt dematerialization of virtual culture.’