Meaning of demeritorious in English:


Pronunciation /diːmɛrɪˈtɔːrɪəs/

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See demerit

‘Examples of demeritorious actions might include killing an animal, speaking abusively to another, or fanning the flames of our own jealousy at someone else's good fortune.’
  • ‘Wrongful actions are designated in various ways as evil, unwholesome, demeritorious, or corrupt, and such deeds lead inevitably to a deeper entanglement in the process of suffering and rebirth.’
  • ‘In a certain way, this is an occasion for optimism and good cheer because we are exhausting some of our store of demeritorious and obscuring karma.’
  • ‘Therefore a human action, good or evil, is not meritorious or demeritorious in the sight of God.’
  • ‘These are all demeritorious deeds that corrupt the morality of others.’