Meaning of demi-glace in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛmɪɡlas/


(also demi-glaze)
  • A rich, glossy brown sauce from which the liquid has been partly evaporated, typically flavoured with wine and served with meat.

    as modifier ‘lamb chop with demi-glace sauce’
    • ‘Add demi-glace, wine, truffle juice, bay leaves, thyme and parsley; reduce by half.’
    • ‘No longer a ‘basic sauce’, the demi-glace is now considered to be a relic of an archaic form of cookery referred to respectfully as cuisine classique but no longer practised.’
    • ‘Put half the segments, chopped, into a small heavy bottom pan with white wine and the orange jus and reduce to a demi-glaze consistency.’
    • ‘Add the pomegranate molasses and the demi-glace.’
    • ‘It seemed original, too - not a syrupy demi-glace, or a meaty reduction, or a buttery wash, but something light and confident and new.’
    • ‘Add the remaining chicken stock and demi-glace and simmer for two hours, skimming occasionally.’
    • ‘Add the remaining chicken stock and demi-glace.’


French, literally ‘half glaze’.