Meaning of demi-mondaine in English:



  • A woman considered to belong to the demi-monde.

    ‘After Lacroix, Man Ray spent about six years with the famed Parisian demi-mondaine Kiki de Montparnasse, to whom he devoted an entire chapter in his autobiography.’
    • ‘There were witless, self-important demi-mondaines and courtesans lauded in the popular press.’
    • ‘Also included in the art of this period were images of prostitutes and demi-mondaines who became identified with the decadent pleasures of the cabarets and brothels of Montmartre.’
    • ‘They are in love with the same woman, the demi-mondaine Metella, and have come to meet her.’
    • ‘The demi-mondaine only revealed half of herself, her promise and her success; this is what makes her so elusive, and thus so desirable.’



/ˌdɛmɪmɒnˈdeɪn/ /dəˌmiːmɒnˈdeɪn/