Meaning of demitasse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛmɪtas/

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  • A small coffee cup.

    as modifier ‘a demitasse spoon’
    • ‘Celia stands a demitasse spoon straight up in the tiny cup of Turkish coffee.’
    • ‘A demitasse of Turkish coffee, so dreamily dense I feel its gently sandy texture on my lips, chaperones a cube of pale golden Turkish delight.’
    • ‘It is a country where acquaintances embrace when meeting and strangers are greeted with warmth, bonhomie, and a demitasse of rich coffee.’
    • ‘The one on the left is a traditional demitasse spoon, confirmed in this case by a label on a boxed set.’
    • ‘Lay a demitasse spoon over the Parmesan powder and fill with garlic chips and parsley.’
    • ‘They pulled up a chair on the cement patio outside their tiny, concrete house and served plates of dates and demitasse cups of bitter coffee.’
    • ‘My companion actually ordered a liqueur coffee, which was served black in a demitasse, with the Grand Marnier in a separate liqueur glass.’
    • ‘One heaped teaspoon of finely ground fresh coffee is added to a demitasse of cold water.’
    • ‘Divide the reserved crabmeat mixture evenly between four demitasse cups and spoon the foam over the crabmeat.’
    • ‘Guests are offered an elaborate tray of hors d' oeuvres from which they may help themselves; then the meal begins; a demitasse of soup, a first course, and so on until dessert when a Dalmatian spotted ‘doggie’ bag of sweets is delivered.’
    • ‘Dinner is often finished with a demitasse of sweet Cuban espresso.’
    • ‘And what dessert seduction would be complete without a demitasse of espresso?’
    • ‘It can be purchased with a demitasse serving set, and is also available in silver or gold plate.’
    • ‘So it's going to be up to all of you to decipher what I mean by crushing enough peppercorns to fit in the cute little demitasse cup Crazy Aunt Anita bought me.’
    • ‘He moves two glasses of rum and two demitasse cups to the edge of Fernando's wrought-iron table and spreads the map.’
    • ‘Deconstruct the traditional centerpiece by making mini arrangements in demitasse cups.’
    • ‘In the kitchen we sit at a heavy antique table, and Fernando serves us espresso in china demitasse cups.’
    • ‘Pour into demitasse cups and place in the fridge overnight.’
    • ‘Inside, the tiny living room is a riot of figurines and demitasse cups and doilies.’
    • ‘Serve the soup in little espresso / demitasse cups and hand round on trays.’


Mid 19th century from French, literally ‘half-cup’.