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Pronunciation /ˌdɛməˈɡrafɪk/

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  • Relating to the structure of populations.

    ‘the demographic trend is towards an older population’
    • ‘Attitudes towards children were also connected to the changing demographic structure of colonial society.’
    • ‘The demographic trend throughout the western world is towards an aging population.’
    • ‘They point out that the demographic structure of Scotland is changing as we are becoming an aging society.’
    • ‘However, demographic trends will mean less young people in the labour market and more older workers.’
    • ‘A major demographic trend of the aging population is the increasing number of women.’
    • ‘All statistical analyses take into account dietary and demographic factors and tobacco and alcohol habits.’
    • ‘Comparisons are drawn between demographic patterns and career patterns of the two countries.’
    • ‘It has been argued that nineteenth-century demographic change had more to do with fertility than mortality.’
    • ‘He then selects individuals to interview, using demographic criteria.’
    • ‘The country's economic and demographic base is too narrow to sustain a good higher education system.’
    • ‘The growth can be explained by demographic growth, he said, and not by efforts of the university.’
    • ‘Table 1 shows demographic details for families according to screening group.’
    • ‘Table 3 shows the prevalence of drug resistance according to selected demographic factors.’
    • ‘Those social and demographic factors may be key contributors to potential crises in the future.’
    • ‘However there is one area in which we can make forecasts with some confidence: that of demographic change.’
    • ‘There were no significant demographic differences between the screened and unscreened patients.’
    • ‘Most of India's economic growth over the years was occasioned by, and spent on, demographic growth.’
    • ‘Table 2 shows the clinical and demographic characteristics of the two groups.’
    • ‘At the other end of life, projections that we can expect to live longer have become a focus for demographic anxieties.’
    • ‘Both Canada and Japan have experienced profound demographic changes over the postwar period.’


  • A particular sector of a population.

    ‘the drink is popular with a young demographic’
    • ‘Audiences are improving again and the demographic is substantially younger than it once was.’
    • ‘All of this places me squarely in the demographic of People Who Tend To Buy Things Online.’
    • ‘Pseudo science-fiction movies aimed at the teen demographic can be the perfect way to start a morning.’
    • ‘What's more, the gaming demographic is getting older, with almost a quarter of all gamers over the age of 40.’
    • ‘Fill in any form, answer any telephone call, and soon you too will become part of a carefully-mapped demographic.’
    • ‘It's mildly interesting that none of the main characters in the format fall into the demographic at which the show is targeted.’
    • ‘It speaks volumes for the career opportunities of video artists that the demographic here is so narrow.’
    • ‘Clearly she doesn't know the demographic that she's meant to be appealing to.’
    • ‘The demographic of Irish business is such that it is made up of a large number of small and medium sized enterprises.’
    • ‘Once something is published and put out, it's available for anyone to buy no matter who the intended demographic is.’
    • ‘This time though he's marketing his ideas at a different demographic.’
    • ‘I mean, Friday evenings aren't the time to capture the college demographic.’
    • ‘Naturally, they're the demographic most apt to be in the market for a new home or car.’
    • ‘I have wondered what the prime demographic for this type of game would be since it has sold so many copies.’
    • ‘The way people drive in the future will also be transformed by a shift in the driver demographic.’
    • ‘Their aim is for other newspapers with a different demographic to pick up the story.’
    • ‘The demographic and gender balance of the participants was seen by some as not reflecting the community.’
    • ‘The Olympics is hands down the most popular sporting event among every demographic.’
    • ‘It is clear we are appealing to a broader demographic and therefore will want to offer customer a choice in the future.’
    • ‘Is that demographic truly representational of the needs and values of the country as a whole?’