Meaning of demonological in English:



See demonology

‘To follow the demonological literature, devils were perfectly capable of invading artworks, especially statues, making their lifeless bodies, like artificial cadavers, begin to move and speak.’
  • ‘Many other trial records evidently contain allusions to fairies which have been cloaked with demonological definition, however only those which contain direct references to fairies will be used as evidence of popular fairy belief.’
  • ‘One would have to be suspicious of any attempt to describe general attitudes whose sources came exclusively from the clerical world and the authors of demonological works.’
  • ‘Educated opinion in both countries was affected by a new demonological theory which reinvented the witch as a member of a conspiracy against Christendom.’
  • ‘He went on to identify the fundamental dualism that always tended to creep into demonological arguments.’