Meaning of demonopolization in English:


(British demonopolisation)


See demonopolize

‘Despite the national sighs of relief about demonopolisation of telecommunications, a vacuum has set in over precisely how the liberalisation is going to work.’
  • ‘According to a 2001 study by a well-known think tank, utility demonopolization would create 45,000 new jobs.’
  • ‘The 2001 budget law provided for the demonopolization of telecommunications and certain types of insurance, but basic telephony and workers’ compensation insurance remain a monopoly.’
  • ‘Privatization, decentralization, demonopolization, deregulation and outsourcing became the main instruments of reform.’
  • ‘The most significant change that occurred under the given laws was the demonopolization of commercial banking, the core of which is the process of gradual diminishing of the role of state in the commercial banks' activity.’