Significado de demonstrably en en inglés


Pronunciación /dɪˈmɒnstrəbli/

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  • In a way that is clearly apparent or capable of being logically proved.

    ‘the policies followed so far have demonstrably failed’
    • ‘the claim is demonstrably false’
    • ‘Now in these examples Black didn't do anything demonstrably wrong, yet he still ended up much worse.’
    • ‘Nutritionally, these foods are demonstrably superior to the industrial versions.’
    • ‘This conduct was outrageous and confirms he is demonstrably unfit for office.’
    • ‘While the existence of a "Beatle movement" remains unproven, the existence of huge and enthusiastic Beatle audiences was demonstrably true.’
    • ‘The bad guy is simply anyone who demonstrably opposes the occupation.’
    • ‘The tax system is demonstrably biased against genuinely productive investment.’
    • ‘But there will be no new registration of routes until the operator's performance has demonstrably improved.’
    • ‘The difference between steroids and all previous performance enhancers was that steroids demonstrably worked - and they worked really well.’
    • ‘If they can demonstrably prove that they're leaders, then they can be allowed raises.’
    • ‘This trend has demonstrably reduced the ability of citizens to seek, receive, and impart information.’