Significado de demonstrational en en Inglés



See demonstration

‘I am referring to the fact that Brunelleschi's famous demonstrational panels aimed at offering an accurate visual rendition of precisely the two urban visual experiences Trachtenberg has so accurately observed and described.’
  • ‘The Lapidary interface design tool is a demonstrational system that allows the graphics and run-time behaviors that go inside an application window to be specified pictorially.’
  • ‘The wooden sphere at the centre of the armillary represents the Earth; such spheres were a common feature of demonstrational armillaries, and were frequently marked as terrestrial globes.’
  • ‘The contribution that the project implementation will bring is innovative, due to the informational-educational programs, as well as the combination of various demonstrational elements, available to be seen in a joint operation at the Eco-center.’
  • ‘There are three fundamental research questions we explore through these tools: how to give the user appropriate feedback and control over inferencing, appropriate algorithms for inferencing, and which domains are appropriate for demonstrational techniques.’