Meaning of demonstrative legacy in English:

demonstrative legacy


  • A legacy which is directed to be paid from a specified fund or pool.

    ‘A general legacy, a demonstrative legacy, and a specific legacy represent the three primary types of legacies.’
    • ‘If the fund out of which a demonstrative legacy or an annuity is paid fails, resort may be made to the general assets.’
    • ‘Interest is generally payable from death on specific legacies, whereas a general or demonstrative legacy carries interest from the time at which it is payable (usually one year after the death)’
    • ‘It is obvious that the statement is not a sufficient compliance with the requirements of our statute to constitute a demonstrative legacy.’
    • ‘A demonstrative legacy is a bequest of quantity, i.e. - money, payable from a particular fund, but differs from a specific legacy in that if this fund fails the bequest may be satisfied out of the general assets of the estate as in the case of general legacies.’