Meaning of demoralized in English:


(British demoralised)

Pronunciation /dɪˈmɒrəlʌɪzd/

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  • Having lost confidence or hope; disheartened.

    ‘a weak and demoralized president’
    • ‘Without our most important member, the group had been demoralized.’
    • ‘Sadly, they have been demoralised by an unsupportive management.’
    • ‘Overconfidence in their chances of taking the demoralised Army side proved to be the downfall of the Navy men.’
    • ‘They embody a demoralized liberalism, whose watered-down perspective of reform has been discarded by the ruling class.’
    • ‘It would have been a slur on their professionalism had they been seen to be demoralised by the departure of a mere youth.’
    • ‘Despite this, the unit does manage to repulse the advancing rebel soldiers, leaving Henry feeling more demoralized than ever.’
    • ‘The party must re-group and must galvanise its demoralised membership.’
    • ‘Our enemy is emboldened and our own people demoralised.’
    • ‘In the beginning, I was in tears after every lesson and felt demoralised.’
    • ‘The effect of the pandemic is greatly felt in the agricultural sector in terms of diminished and demoralised manpower.’
    • ‘If we cannot appreciate our achievements we will become demoralised and unhappy.’
    • ‘Without the power to say no, all kinds of treachery is used and everyone involved becomes demoralized, cynical and fatalistic.’
    • ‘By most indications, Aidid's supporters were decimated and demoralized the day after the Battle of Mogadishu.’
    • ‘Instead of getting on with something useful, managers will be delayed and demoralised by a blizzard of forms to fill in.’
    • ‘The population was weak and demoralized with a significant number of draft-age men gone.’
    • ‘They were starving, freezing, and demoralized, hunkered down in drafty cabins, waiting to die from disease or Redcoats.’
    • ‘Many opponents of the war were demoralised.’
    • ‘Dean is authentically awkward, authentically demoralized.’
    • ‘Demoralised Huns held their hands up crying for mercy.’
    • ‘Many were killed quickly and the survivors so demoralized that 145 surrendered and were captured.’