Meaning of demountable in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈmaʊntəb(ə)l/

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  • Able to be dismantled or removed from its setting and readily reassembled or repositioned.

    ‘in the spare bedroom I had a demountable workbench’
    • ‘The demountable buildings have a 25-year life expectancy.’
    • ‘Utes, trucks, forklifts, cranes, sea containers, demountable site buildings, various tools, office furniture, computers and building stock were among the items up for sale.’
    • ‘Now mostly recycled as fence posts, the hollow demountable poles were used originally to erect telegraphic wires across the Central Australian Desert during the 2nd World War.’
    • ‘A possible solution is to use demountable defences which can be put into place when there is a risk of flooding and then taken down when the river has subsided.’
    • ‘She says it's taken years to save $30,000 for the canteen, a demountable structure meant to be the forerunner for a bigger building including change rooms.’
    • ‘The tiny new centre, a demountable containing a kitchen and an office, and an outdoor area with tables and chairs, is tucked between the martial arts shed and the back fence at the Youth Centre.’
    • ‘Flood protection proposals had now been drawn up, involving a 1.78 metre demountable flood barrier, partly under the steps leading down from the bridge to the river.’
    • ‘Sea containers, demountable site building, various tools, office furniture, computers and building stock will also go under the hammer.’
    • ‘Organisers want to break fundraising records to help the school replace its old demountable classrooms and support a £200,000 church appeal.’
    • ‘But while their efforts saved the main clubhouse from serious damage the contents of the demountable building were completely destroyed.’
    • ‘In the latest incident, Mrs Green came back from the half-term holiday to find six windows in the demountable classrooms and nursery smashed.’
    • ‘And, when you are finished with that, fix up the hospitals and stop educating kids in demountable classrooms.’
    • ‘The community office, a demountable building in Shaw Road, was put up recently to provide a venue for a wide range of community activities.’
    • ‘Once it is detached and demountable, it can be taken away.’
    • ‘It was one of those demountable school buildings and it looked like it must have been least 50 years old.’
    • ‘The steel-framed hall, which has a vinyl skin, can be divided into thirds by demountable rebound boards.’
    • ‘Right and left demountable units were interchangeable, the entire unit being designed to afford the operator the greatest advance made up to that point in maintenance economy and interchangeability.’
    • ‘Similarly, paying a premium for demountable walls but then allowing electricians to install conventional wiring inside them compromises the flexibility that was so highly sought and paid for.’
    • ‘Moveable seating risers, a demountable perimeter balcony, trapped stage floor, and an array of lighting catwalks provide a highly flexible space for innovative theater.’
    • ‘The building, much of which has been bolted together, is demountable and could be reconstructed elsewhere.’