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‘He had originally proposed an idea for a tamer programme, aimed at a young audience but with contestants sitting demurely on a sofa answering general knowledge questions.’
  • ‘You can be demurely sipping a cup of tea on the veranda of the old Moana Hotel, or boldly practicing your marksmanship at the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club.’
  • ‘Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, resides demurely in the shadow cast by its more flamboyant sister city, Sydney.’
  • ‘She kissed him goodbye demurely, and he tipped his hat and set off with a swagger and a too tight gold band on his little finger.’
  • ‘The girls are all demurely dressed in pleated navy blue skirts with pale blue and white sailor tops.’



/dɪˈmjʊəli/ /dɪˈmjɔːli/