Meaning of demureness in English:


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‘Is it some kind of attempt at demureness and modesty?’
  • ‘‘Hello Mark… ‘she said lowering her eyed in fake demureness and smiling so that her dimples showed.’’
  • ‘Her costuming focuses on tight-fitting outfits that emphasize her figure while at the same time, in contrast, a full, loose hairstyle sometimes conveys demureness.’
  • ‘She seems to believe that a nun-like demureness equates to mystery and depth of character and walks around with her eyes permanently downcast, a small, irritatingly sly smile on her lips.’
  • ‘So, she hid her femininity behind demureness, read her poems with eyes downcast and scuttled back to the safe haven of domesticity.’



/dɪˈmjʊənəs/ /dɪˈmjɔːnəs/