Meaning of demystify in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈmɪstɪfʌɪ/

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verbverb demystifies, verb demystifying, verb demystified

[with object]
  • Make (a difficult subject) clearer and easier to understand.

    ‘this book attempts to demystify technology’
    • ‘I have found that one way of breaking down taboos, is to demystify the subject and to make it more easy to remember.’
    • ‘The annual event sets out to demystify the subject by making it more accessible and enjoyable.’
    • ‘The aim is to demystify subjects and there is an emphasis on moving away from professional jargon and universal objectivity.’
    • ‘It's difficult to demystify my hidden practice of picking and choosing.’
    • ‘As a whole, these patterns of early modern thought help demystify subject positions that have frequently been perceived as either enigmatic or idiosyncratic.’
    • ‘Such musical notions as octaves, chords, scales, and keys can all be demystified and understood logically using simple mathematics.’
    • ‘In smart suit, immaculate blue shirt and plainish tie, Kinski attempts to demystify the complexities of the post-privatisation utility businesses.’
    • ‘I am not trying to minimize the importance of design any more than I am attempting to demystify the nature of scientific observation.’
    • ‘They will help users to navigate and access content across all platforms, with a wider remit of helping to demystify technology.’
    • ‘First, I will discuss the origin of my idea and how it works, then I will attempt to demystify the art of kernel module programming with a few short examples.’
    • ‘This kind of attempt to demystify intellectuals and artists by relating them to objective social processes is in itself neither misguided nor new.’
    • ‘As interest in fire walking has grown, he said, scientists have attempted to demystify the phenomenon and tease apart the allure of the ritual.’
    • ‘We'll attempt to demystify the whisper number and evaluate its importance to you as an individual investor.’
    • ‘In response to my attempts a few weeks ago to demystify the day-to-day movements in share prices, one reader has asked for a similar explanation of the foreign exchange markets.’
    • ‘Written with home users in mind, the book aims to demystify computer security and help users to enjoy and a safer and more enjoyable computing experience.’
    • ‘This book demystifies enterprise architecture and helps organisations recognise real business value through effective implementation.’
    • ‘He demystifies the equipment to help readers understand the fundamental principles of photography.’
    • ‘Actually, the job is so huge, the spotlight so hot, the weight of becoming part of history so heavy, that some candidates go through a mental process of demystifying the job, say those who have known presidents and presidential wannabes.’
    • ‘She is a rigorously skeptical and a profoundly visionary poet, a writer whose demystifying intelligence is matched by a passionate embrace of poetry's rejuvenating power.’
    • ‘The tears come because one suddenly realises that, in demystifying the belief systems in this inexorable process of enquiry, one's own vantage point is no less prone to attack.’