Meaning of dendrimer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛndrɪmə/


  • A synthetic polymer with a structure of repeatedly branching chains, typically forming spherical macromolecules.

    ‘The nanoparticle system used by Baker's lab is based on dendrimers, star-like synthetic polymers that can carry a vast array of molecules on the ends of their arms.’
    • ‘Highly branched stilbene dendrimers were synthesized and their photochemical behavior was studied.’
    • ‘The drug delivery vehicle used by the scientists is a manmade polymer molecule called a dendrimer.’
    • ‘Probably one of the most exciting aspects of dendrimers is their demonstrated capacity to encapsulate small molecules for controlled release.’
    • ‘The fiber probe documented a fourfold increase in tumor fluorescence in animals that received the targeted dendrimer.’


1980s from Greek dendron ‘tree’ + -i-+ -mer.