Meaning of dendrochronologist in English:



See dendrochronology

‘By using tree rings to age all trees within a stand, dendrochronologists are able to identify periods of peak tree establishment and periods of limited or no establishment.’
  • ‘Historically, dendrochronologists working in closed-canopy forests have focused on reconstructing disturbance regimes and stand dynamics, assuming the effects of climate were minimal in comparison to those of competition.’
  • ‘Because trees put on different kinds of wood in early summer and in late summer, dendrochronologists can count annual rings to figure out how old a tree is.’
  • ‘Rarely do dendrochronologists cut down trees to determine their age.’
  • ‘Many have survived all that has happened to the land since 1492, and as dendrochronologists like Stahle can attest by studying growth rings, a few were witnesses to much that came before.’