Meaning of denizenship in English:



See denizen

‘Since we are far from a global citizenship, we are aware of the fact that a status grounded on denizenship will also exclude some residents in Europe.’
  • ‘In the case that there is no institution concerning denizenship in the country concerned but there is the equivalent right to the denizenship it will be acknowledged as denizenship.’
  • ‘The sovereign cannot make a citizen by any act of his own; he can confer denizenship, but this does not make a man either a citizen or subject.’
  • ‘From the constitution of government we get the rights of denizenship, including the rights to remain on and return to the location of our birth, and citizenship, including the rights of voting and holding office.’
  • ‘Second, a number of questions about the relationship between migrants and states are raised by the continually changing nature of membership seen in dramatic increases in dual citizenship and denizenship.’