Meaning of denouncement in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈnaʊnsm(ə)nt/

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‘Marisol perhaps needed to distance herself from the rumors and her verbal denouncement of the practice was a good place to start.’
  • ‘Masquerading his message as a typical tale of lovers spurned and yearned, he fashioned a vitriolic denouncement of his countrymen, people whom he saw as being more capable of lying or hiding than fighting.’
  • ‘As government workers, they should have shunned the denouncement of the impeachment, which is a sort of intervention in politics, especially around the time of the approaching general elections.’
  • ‘As Osa dancers perform a stick dance meant to conjure up the spirits of their ancestors, organizers say the festive season is not a denouncement of Western Christian values.’
  • ‘I tread dangerous ground, for normal reaction would surely bring instant denouncement to this apparently absurd notion.’