Meaning of densify in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛnsɪfʌɪ/

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verbverb densifies, verb densifying, verb densified

[with object]
  • Make (something) more dense.

    ‘the increased pressure will densify the helium’
    • ‘densified hardboard’
    • ‘Fibers containing particles bound by this method are easily densified.’
    • ‘Losing the character of their neighbourhood was the motivating factor for Jay Sakamoto and his mom, Nancy, to take issue with a city plan to allow developers to densify the neighbourhood near Youngmore Road.’
    • ‘It densifies the ground so that if a real quake does occur, the land will be strong enough to withstand it.’
    • ‘As such, no further progress will occur until we are able to re-occupy existing sites and modestly expand and densify the network.’
    • ‘The proposal is new - at least for Britain - it densifies suburban layout and does much to control cars.’
    • ‘Few models of such development have been explored, and few of these have been followed up, but at Boras in southern Sweden planners offered architects opportunities to speculate on how suburban development could be densified.’
    • ‘In addition to the blind surface, the article can include one or more additional surfaces that can be densified in the same manner in a simultaneous operation.’
    • ‘Added Johannson, ‘In order to densify Ambleside, to bring more tourists into the neighbourhood, to entice more shoppers and satisfy the merchants' need for foot traffic, many more people and cars will have to enter the area.‘’
    • ‘The surface of this floor is highly compacted and densified because most of the air and some of the water are removed in the finishing process.’
    • ‘This step can often be delayed by an hour or more, allowing the concrete to densify by gravity, and it greatly improves both the density and appearance of the concrete in the top area of a vertical placement by reducing bug holes.’
    • ‘‘This will be an urban park, and we could densify around it with shops and restaurants, for example, depending on what the community wants,’ he adds.’
    • ‘It also crushes and ‘densifies ‘the material, he says.’’
    • ‘Through thoughtful and judicious use of existing finishes, such as by densifying and polishing existing concrete floors, we can all meet today's and tomorrow's needs.’