Meaning of densimeter in English:


Pronunciation /dɛnˈsɪmɪtə/


  • An instrument for measuring density, especially of liquids.

    ‘We can manufacture densimeters with the scale and brand you require, on orders over a certain amount.’
    • ‘In the densimeter a thermometer is built to correct the value read at different temperatures from that of calibration.’
    • ‘These high precision densimeters provides a highly accurate calculation of specific gravity of almost any object of any shape.’
    • ‘For instance, the densimeter may be particularly useful in scientific experimentation, in the packaging industry, or where ever the density of a fluid must be known.’
    • ‘Nuclear densimeters are a set of devices that measure the decay of a radioactive source and they correlate this decay to the density and water content of soils.’


Mid 19th century from Latin densus ‘dense’ + -meter.