Meaning of dentex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛntɛks/

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noundentex, dentexes

  • A sea bream of the genus Dentex, especially D. dentex of the Mediterranean and the North African Atlantic coast.

    ‘Like Majorca, the sea around Menorca abounds with shoaling barracuda, amberjack, dentex and dolphins.’
    • ‘You will see shoaling barracuda, dentex, amberjack and sunfish here.’
    • ‘There are good numbers of many different species of bream, but the pink dentex and the hurta bream are the most prized, both reaching in excess of 30 lb.’
    • ‘I was heartened to also see good concentrations of dentex bream, the northern Mediterranean's equivalent of the barracuda.’


Modern Latin (genus name), from Latin.