Meaning of denticulate in English:


Pronunciation /dɛnˈtɪkjʊlət/

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  • Having small teeth or toothlike projections; finely toothed.

    ‘Both mesial and distal edges of the crowns are coarsely denticulate, with the denticles oriented at an angle of approximately 45° with respect to the long axis of the crown.’
    • ‘The outer lip is crenulated on its edge, and smooth or weakly denticulate on the inner side.’
    • ‘Sculpture on the inner side of the outer lip varies from absent to lirate to denticulate.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most basal system in which denticulate structures are reasonably well known is the feeding apparatus of conodonts.’
    • ‘The denticulate ligaments vary in number between 18 and 22 in normal individuals.’


Mid 17th century from Latin denticulatus, from denticulus ‘small tooth’ (see denticle).