Meaning of deoxygenation in English:


Pronunciation /diːɒksɪdʒəˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


See deoxygenate

‘S. Sherman first showed that the shape of the red cell depends on the rate of deoxygenation.’
  • ‘More importantly, it can lead to deoxygenation through a chain of events which starts with increased turbidity arising from bottom feeding, the loss of aquatic plants, and the growth of algae.’
  • ‘Linus Pauling recalled how in 1945 he heard from W. B. Castle, a Harvard physician, about sickle cells and the need for deoxygenation to produce them.’
  • ‘This can in turn lead to blocked waterways and deoxygenation of the water, leading to the death of aquatic animals.’
  • ‘Reoxygenation experiments were also carried out to confirm the reversibility of the deoxygenation experiments.’