Meaning of departmentalism in English:


Pronunciation /diːpɑːtˈmɛnt(ə)lɪzm/


mass noun
  • Adherence to departmental methods or structure.

    ‘A revival of departmentalism could reverse that trend and make the court more circumspect, for the better.’
    • ‘And he believes it is important that civil service departments work together and that we break down departmentalism in the service so we have more teamwork and less competing interests.’
    • ‘One continuing theme is lack of corporate working - an overabundance of departmentalism.’
    • ‘Over time, the doctrine of judicial supremacy displaced departmentalism.’
    • ‘He regards himself as the custodian and spokesman for the strategy, has strengthened the centre to counter the effects of departmentalism and promote what he calls ‘joined up government’.’