Meaning of dépaysé in English:



(also dépaysée)
  • Removed from one's habitual surroundings.

    ‘he was not yet so dépaysé that he had forgotten the language of the village pub’
    • ‘Po Chü-i was as much dépaysé at a provincial town as Charles Lamb would have been at Botany Bay.’
    • ‘It is shocking to become so dépaysé and it is doubtless very demoralizing to live in a country where it is so easy to be Somebody - but it is very agreeable.’
    • ‘The man of today is beginning to be disoriented with respect to himself, dépaysé, he is outside of his country, thrown into a new circumstance that is like a terra incognita.’



/deɪˈpeɪzeɪ/ /depeize/


French, ‘(removed) from one's own country’.