Meaning of depigment in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈpɪɡm(ə)nt/


[with object]
  • Reduce or remove the pigmentation of (the skin)

    ‘this drug can permanently depigment the skin’
    • ‘the depigmented areas sunburned easily’
    • ‘Patches of depigmented skin, now referred to as vitiligo, were cosmetically undesirable.’
    • ‘Neurologic examination indicated that all of the depigmented areas were hypersensitive to cold, heat, pinprick, and touch, and for some of these areas, low-temperature stimuli were mistakenly identified as ‘hot’ and ‘burning’.’
    • ‘Of note, an oval depigmented area about 2 cm in greatest diameter with irregular borders was present on the skin over the infant's left lateral trunk.’
    • ‘The depigmented, white strands of old age tended to give his hair a somewhat bleached and unnatural shading.’
    • ‘The creams often contain dangerously high amounts of hydroquinone, a depigmenting chemical that can be harmful or fatal in large doses.’