Meaning of depigmentation in English:


Pronunciation /diːpɪɡm(ə)nˈtɛɪʃ(ə)n/


See depigment

‘Provided that sun creams can be used for protection, the problem is only - though disturbingly - a cosmetic one, seriously so for dark-skinned people; small patches of depigmentation can also occur in the iris.’
  • ‘Side effects of all topical treatments include allergic and contact dermatitis, depigmentation of surrounding normal skin, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.’
  • ‘Although this was not readily apparent on general examination, close inspection of the patient's eyes found depigmentation of her outer eyelashes, suggesting a diagnosis of vitiligo.’
  • ‘There were well-demarcated areas of depigmentation on the right side of the face, extending from behind the right ear to the centre of the face, and from the midtemple area of the scalp to the chin.’
  • ‘This would account for the redhead alleles, which are linked to skin depigmentation, but not for the other hair colour alleles, which are not linked.’