Meaning of depositor in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈpɒzɪtə/

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  • A person who keeps money in a bank or building society account.

    ‘The bank has asked depositors to withdraw the money or invest it in alternative investment schemes that the bank is suggesting to them.’
    • ‘If a depositor owes money to the bank or building society, this will be deducted from any deposits held before compensation is calculated.’
    • ‘During the bank panic of 1933, he actually invited his depositors to withdraw their money.’
    • ‘The names of the depositors never appeared on bank records.’
    • ‘The Uniform Commercial Codes lay down how much responsibility banks have to their depositors.’
    • ‘Lack of trust may cause depositors to withdraw their money.’
    • ‘An amount standing to the credit of a joint account constitutes a debt which is owed by the bank to the depositors jointly and severally.’
    • ‘Or, said another way, does the depositor maintain a financial asset that functions as money, securing purchasing power?’
    • ‘The depositors or noteholders are simply lending money to the banks, which in turn act as their agents to channel the money to business firms.’
    • ‘Other officeholders came to the defense of depositors who lost money in the failed bank.’
    • ‘In many countries, depositors may choose which national money will be the denomination of their deposit account.’
    • ‘The Central Bank, as the regulator, focuses primarily on the stability of banks in order to protect depositors and investors.’
    • ‘People's savings deposits at Resona have been guaranteed by the government, and there has been no rush by depositors for their money.’
    • ‘A huge amount of additional funds were also disbursed by the government to the bank to repay depositors amid massive runs.’
    • ‘If we're not accepted, the worse that can happen is that we remain depositors, simple depositors, customers of the bank.’
    • ‘This subject is a call to review the impact of bank closures suffered by depositors in the last couple of years.’
    • ‘He maintained a near total freeze on bank withdrawals to prevent a run on the banks by depositors.’
    • ‘But these small depositors were contributing to a pool which could be used to fund much larger schemes while maximising returns.’
    • ‘As mutual societies, they had to pass on the benefits of this investment, and other profitable activities, to their members, the depositors.’
    • ‘All the same, depositors slept well at night, with little regard for the type of venture their money was financing.’